Mamavélo Returns Policy and Terms of Service

Returns Policy

Mamavélo is committed to offering its customers the highest level of service and customer satisfaction possible. Please read our terms and conditions and returns policy before placing an order.

Mamavélo offers a return if:

  1. The product does not match the order, or
  2. The product is faulty

If the product(s) delivered does not match your order please contact us via email outlining the problem and we will arrange the return of the said goods. Please remember to include your original order number and the name your order was placed under. If the goods have a problem relating to the quality of the product such as a mis-print or a fault on garment, then a photograph as well as description of the problem should be emailed through to for our customer services team to assess.

We cannot take any action on an order until all of the goods are returned to Mamavélo for inspection.

 Following the return of the goods a thorough assessment will take place following which Mamavélo will deem whether the return is valid or not.

If the problem relates to a production issue at Mamavélo then a re-print of the goods may be offered to rectify the quality issue.

If you need to cancel an order you should contact customer services on as soon as possible. Due to the short turnaround times we try to work to, your order may have already been posted to you.

If an order has been placed by the customer and subsequently posted, a refund will be offered less postage and shipping costs.

Any problem with an order should be outlined within 24 hours of receiving the goods.

Failure to inform Mamavélo of a problem within 24 hours of receiving the goods will mean the order is deemed to have been accepted and checked.


Please note that we can not accept responsibility for any failure on the part of any courier or delivery service used to deliver goods, nor can we accept any consequential loss incurred by the customer by any action or inaction on the part of Mamavélo or any agent acting on behalf of Mamavélo.


Unless specifically agreed, all invoices are payable immediately. If invoice terms are agreed with the customer and the balance is not met within the stated payment terms, interest will be charged as per the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Returns Address

PO BOX 346
BD18 9EP